Monday, 18 January 2016

Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book by Tiddy Rowan

Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring BookColour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book by Tiddy Rowan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Relax, meditate and banish stress

Release unconscious knowledge and calm thought through painting and colouring

Features complete images to copy, or just create your own colourful mandalas

Mandalas were created as sacred objects upon which to meditate. Their symmetry is designed for the painter to reflect and empty the mind by becoming absorbed in colouring this object of beauty, the reader will embark on a practical exercise in mindfulness.

In Colour Yourself Calm, Tiddy Rowan (author of the Little Book of Mindfulness) has gathered inspirational quotes to accompany these original images and enhance the experience offering an easy way to relax the mind, body and spirit, while expanding the imagination and creating a sense of wellbeing.

I was given this as a Christmas present, I was so excited as this is a different colouring book and I am loving them at the moment.

This is a very different type of colouring book, for starters its hardback, which for a colouring book is quite unique.

Each page is a double page - one which has the image coloured in on. (I'm guessing this is to give you ideas?) Then on the opposite page it is black and white for you to colour. Personally I was disappointed in this. I would have preferred more pages to colour and I don't feel I need one coloured on the opposite to help me.

This is an O.K colouring book, however I would have not of bought it for me as it is not my preference. If you are a little un-confident with creativity then this maybe a good buy for you. If you are a regular colourer then I think you would want to find a different book.

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