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A night in with Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday

A night in with Marilyn Monroe (Libby Lomax, #2)A night in with Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘I laughed my slippers off!’ Alexandra Brown
‘Fresh, witty and thoroughly enjoyable.’ The Sun

After dating the hottest man on the planet, Dillon O’Hara, Libby Lomax has come back down to earth with a bump. Now she’s throwing herself into a new relationship and is determined to be a better friend to best pal, Ollie, as he launches his new restaurant.

Despite good intentions, Libby is hugely distracted when a newly reformed Dillon arrives back on the scene, more irresistible than ever. And when another unwelcome guest turns up on her battered sofa in the form of Marilyn Monroe, Libby would willingly bite her own arm off for a return to normality.

OK, so here's the thing, you have to read this novel by taking a leap of faith; of course it's absolutely barmey that a sofa could conjure up ghosts of bygone stars but if you allow yourself to imagine that it might be possible then you can just lose yourself in this fabulously wacky novel and have some fun.

The second in this series, A Night in with Marilyn Monroe is just as entertaining and funny as its predecessor A Night in with Audrey Hepburn. So glad that Lucy Holliday has continued with the marvelous Bogdan who made me laugh out loud at his lack of understanding and his unique way of expressing himself - hilarious. Dillon and preparations for the wedding of her best friend and the opening of Olly's restaurant keep this flowing nicely and of course poor Libby finds herself in all sorts of scrapes as the story moves along. It wasn't long into the novel when I was laughing out loud at the antics.

I don't like to give 'spoilers' or tell too much of the story as I am sure it detracts from the clever writing of the author so I won't but I do hope that you will read this one and enjoy it as much as I did. Keep an open mind and you'll just get carried along with the fun. You don't need to really have read the first book it's equally good and entertaining as a stand alone although Lucy Holliday does re-cap anyway.

Libby Lomax predicaments in many ways reminds me of the disastrous relationships that Bridget Jones finds herself in as she struggles with the dating game; this novel has all that but more in that it is a chick lit but also a very very funny quirky read with characters that are equally as amusing as the central character. Just loved it and can't wait to read A Night in with Grace Kelly where I do hope that Libby finds her happy ending.

Well deserved 4 stars.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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