Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Giant of Jum - Elli Woollard

The Giant of JumThe Giant of Jum by Elli Woollard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Fee!" he said, and "Fi!" he said, and "Fo!" he said and "Fum!"

Look out children, the Giant of Jum is grumpy and hungry and he's off in search of a tasty snack. And the tastiest of all is a boy known as Jack! But Jack and his friends don't see a scary giant, they see a magically tall man - a man who can fetch lost balls and rescue cats from trees! Perhaps this hungry giant is softer than he seems...

An incredible rhyming text and a brilliant, big-hearted twist on a classic fairy tale, this book sees the launch of a major new picture book pairing: the uniquely talented author and poet, Elli Woollard, and award-winning illustrator, Benji Davies.

Also contains an important message for all: don't eat kids, eat cake!

This book was sent to me to review, I decided to take it into school to read to my class to get their opinion on it.

I originally thought that this maybe a little young for my year 3 class, but I shouldn't have been worried. They loved it!

They loved the language and the rhyme in the story and found it amusing, they also made the connection to Jack and the Beanstalk but told me they preferred this version! They also really loved the illustrations, they are so bright and colourful. They said that this is the type of book they would want someone to read to them again and again, as well as reading it for their selves. They said that they would recommend it to a friend, a brother or sister. They said they would rate this highly.

From a teachers perspective I also loved the book, I loved the rhyme aspect in it and that it is like a traditional tale. This is perfect for younger children to teach them about these. I also loved the illustrations, this was a big hit for me and my class and I felt so lucky that I had the chance to share it with them. This book gets a huge 5* from all of us.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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