Monday, 15 June 2015

Flashsticks first impressions

When I found out about Flashsticks and I was offered the chance to review them I jumped at the chance. I was really lucky as a child and went to a language school, so was exposed to many different types of languages. Unfortunately I never found a way to learn the languages and remember them. I have done about 7 years of French and only remember the odd word. Spanish was another language I studied for 4 years and this is a similar story. I loved the unique way of being able to learn in a different way and thought I would have nothing to loose, so couldn't wait for my beginner Spanish pack to arrive. 

Flashsticks are available in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Italian and British Sign Language at the moment. I am really hoping that more languages come available in time as this sounds like a great way to learn and maybe helpful for more trickier languages such as Russian and Chinese. 

I decided to go for Spanish as I remember from my schooling this was a language that I really enjoyed and it was just a shame I couldn't pick it up. I also think that Spanish would be very useful for me as I want to travel to South America and Central America, I think this language would come in handy for this.  

When they arrived they looked like this. It was all clear and the instructions were easy to follow. There is a free app you can download to enhance your learning. You can scan the post it and then a woman will tell you how to pronounce it. This is really useful for me as my pronunciation is dreadful. 

I have downloaded the app and I have now started going round the house sticking post it notes around. Blue notes are masculine words, Pink are feminine and green are verbs. I am really excited about starting my journey on learning Spanish. I am just hoping that the post it notes keep their sticky and don't fall down. 

If you would like to join me on my Spanish learning journey make sure you check back for updates.  

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