Monday, 5 January 2015

The Mini Break by Jane Costello

The Mini BreakThe Mini Break by Jane Costello
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Sophie's friend Anisha is sent on her first foreign trip in her job at a travel agency - and gets to take Sophie with her - she jumps at the chance of some time away.

But what Sophie doesn't realise is that there is a catch - a rather large catch. The five-star hotel is also a world-renowned golf resort. And its owners have offered the holiday on the basis of the girls' golfing prowess. Of which they possess quite literally none...

I was really looking forward to reading this short story. Unfortunately for me this was just to short. I do love short stories as they allow you to dip into a world in between doing everything that your busy life entails. But I felt that it was rushed in places and I didn't feel I really got to know the characters.

This is about two girls who need a holiday. They end up on a golfing holiday, which is not great considering neither one of them know how to play. They spend their time dodging James the guy who is looking after them during their stay.

This is amusing and fun, just a little short to be able to really get into it. Most of the book is actually made up of a 'taster' of Jane's current novel, which I have already read, I feel this could have perhaps been at the end of a book; rather than sold separately.

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