Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Wrap up - Week 26 - 16/11/14

This week has been quiet on the reading front in lots of different ways. I have managed to get Laryngitis this week, which really sucks. I have been unable to go to work as I am expected to talk a lot in my job. So I have managed to catch up with doing some work from home and I have been looking forward to spending this week reading. 

Lately I have really struggled with my reading and been in a huge slump. I am hoping to read a few shorter stories to try and bring back my reading mojo. I have such a lot of brilliant Christmas books I want to read and I just don't have any motivation to read them at the moment. 

This week I have been sent: 

This week I have bought: 

Books I have read this week:
Finished The Great Christmas knit off. - Review to come soon!

I hope you all had a great reading week and thanks for stopping by!

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