Friday, 7 November 2014

KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax

KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax

From Birchbox website:

Looking like you’ve not tried too hard sometimes takes time – but this revolutionary new dry wax spray (yes, spray!) from KMS® California helps you achieve a “perfectly undone” look with tousled definition and a matte finish. The unique formula builds body and texture, giving a super cool piece-y texture. You’ll feel (and look!) naturally gorgeous. 150ml.


When this arrived in my Birchbox I was really excited. Recently I have had to have my hair cut really short; I have struggled with styling my hair as I have always had long hair and unsure what to do with it. 

This product really came at a great time for me. This product is perfect for short hair! This allows me to add texture and style my hair, without putting a lot of wax or mouse in it. Which in the past has left my hair greasy looking or made it rock solid and completely unnatural. 

This is really easy to use, a few sprays and your hair is transformed. What I love about this product is that although you are putting a product in your hair. It does not leave your hair sticky, greasy or hard. 

So would I purchase this when the sample runs out?

I have only used this product a couple of times so far, but what I have seen I like. If I continue to get these types of results with this product, I will certainly be purchasing this. 

It is a little expensive at £15.50, however I have yet to find a product this similar on the high street. I think this product is worth the money. 

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