Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Birthday Book Haul!

It was my birthday on Monday so I know I have left this a little while before posting but I have been waiting to make sure no other books arrive before I posted! 

This has been a fab weekend and birthday for books and I have a HUGE amount to show you!! I will begin by showing you the post I have been lucky enough to receive from publishers this week. 

So this week/weekend I have received:
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. 
I am super excited about this, I have never read any books by Rainbow Rowell before but have heard such a lot of good things about her work, especially this one. I am hoping to get round to this one very shortly. 

  • One Crow Alone by SD Crockett
This is one of those books you get sent and have no idea what its about and whether its going to be a book for you, so I am excited to find out what this is about. 

  • Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge
This is another one of those books you know nothing about, this however is like nothing I would have ever picked up in the shop so I am excited about this to discover a new author to me and probably a new genre. This one sounds a bit spooky which is going to be something completely different on my bookshelf! So I am looking forward to this!

  • The Finisher - David Baldacci
Hmmm, this one I am not too sure about. I have never read anything by Baldacci before and I am not sure if its my type of books. 

  • Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern
This is a book that I requested, I have heard a lot about this book and its all good! I can't wait to get round to reading  it for myself and find out. 

  • Gloss Summer Scandal by Marilyn Kaye
This book was another that I was not expecting, I have read that it is part of a series, I have not read the first one, at some point I will get a copy of the first before reading this. It does sound like fun though. 

  • Landline by Rainbow Rowell
This is another book I requested and I am super excited to read this! Again a lot of people talk about Rainbow Rowell and how good her books are - I feel like I have been in the dark ages as I haven't read any! I am hoping to change this very quickly!

  • Last Bus to Coffeeville by J Paul Henderson
This is one of those books you think, intriguing and when I was offered this to review I jumped at the chance as it sounds so different to anything I have read before. 

Right that's it from lovely publishers this week - thank you so much! On to the birthday books argh!!! There are just too many books to fit into the day!!! I feel really pleased though, I have managed to read two books I got for my birthday already and the reviews for these are scheduled to be coming in the next week or so. 

This was the first book I got for my birthday, Geek Girl, I had heard so many good things about this on Twitter so I was really pleased. This is one of the books that I have actually already read and scheduled my review for next week so check back soon for the review of this! 

This book Geek Girl 2, I bought after I had finished Geek Girl as I wanted to continue with the series. I don't know an awful lot about this only that Harriet is back! It will not take me very long to read this book  so I am guessing a review for this one will be up shortly. 

I have heard so many things about this book and I am super excited about it! I read How to Love before and loved that book, I am thinking this is along the same lines as that and can not wait to get stuck in!

This sounds an amazing book and brilliant to help introduce me to YA - as you can see I have gone through a huge YA mood and a lot of the books I have got for my birthday are YA! I am so looking forward to reading this and the cover is amazing!!

This sounds like another amazing book! I haven't heard anything about this anyway online so I feel I will be going into this a little dark, which I am actually looking forward too as I wont have any other opinions on it. It is about a girl who knows the truth about a death but no one will believe her as they think it is a drug deal gone wrong. 

This book I found in The Works and I thought I had to have it, I have never heard of it before but it sounds like something I would like. Friends go on a Spring Break together and one of them gets murdered... what's not to like??

This is another one of those books I have heard so many good things about doing the rounds on Twitter and I am so excited to finally have a copy. 

Last week I was sent a copy of Colleen Hoover's Hopeless, this I found out was the first in the series and so I went and got myself a copy of Losing Hope for when I have finished. I recently finished reading Finding Cinderella, Colleen's novella based on the characters from this series so I am really excited to read about them from the beginning. 

These two books I am excited about, they are a collection of short stories by some of the most popular authors out there today! These are going to be perfect for reading in between novels. 

Sorry about the picture of these! I can not seem to get them the right way up!!! These is a series that I have bought and are all YA, these sound like something completely different and I cannot wait to start them.

This book I have been reading a lot about and I had to have a copy! I love the pages too they are so cute with  printed birds down the side. I am super excited to be able to start reading this.

This is another book I got from The Works this weekend and I have heard a lot of things about this one too! I can not wait to start reading it, I love a thriller and I am sure this book is going to deliver. 

So these have been all my book purchases/ presents etc this weekend and week. I am planning to participate in the 24 hour readathon this Saturday and plan to read some of these. Please let me know in the comments below if you have read any of these books, what you thought of them or want to read any of them. Please let me know which one you think I should start with for the readathon and if there are any other books you think I should be reading for the challenge let me know!

Thanks for stopping by on the blog today 

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