Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picked up a bargain!

I went into town yesterday to get come cat food, I ended up coming back with a new set of books to be read! I just can't help myself! However they are all unread and I am looking forward to them. 

They include:
Jane Austen - Emma - never actually read an Austen and figured I must at some point in my life! 
Sophie Kinsella - shopaholic and baby - read all the others in the series so this is a must read and one of my favourite authors. 
Sue Townsend - the woman who went to bed for a year - this was intriguing me, how a whole story could be based in bed... 
Vanessa Green - the vintage teacup club 
Candace Bushnell - sex and the city - watched the series and love it! 
Melissa Hill - the last to know - again sounded intriguing. 

Which would you read first? Help! 

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