Saturday, 22 June 2013

Holly's Inbox

 Holly's InboxHolly's Inbox by Holly Denham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Ever wanted a peak at someone else's emails?

Meet Holly Denham. It's her first day as a receptionist at a City investment bank and, with no cooperate front-of-house experience, Holly is struggling to keep up. Add to this her mad friends, dysfunctional family and gossipy colleagues, and Holly's inbox is a daily source of drama, laughter, scandal and even romance. But Holly's keeping a secret from everyone - and the past is about to catch up with her...'

I purchased this book as it was completely different from anything I had ever read, the story is a series of emails between Holly, the main character and her boss/friends/colleagues. It took me a while to get into the book as the layout was completely different, however I did enjoy the book and I felt I could relate to it. I also feel most people would be able to relate to it, if you have ever emailed/texted then you will have a connection with it.

Overall if you've ever wanted to peek to someone else's emails then this is a great book for you, it doesn't sound that great from that but if you've ever worked in an office and emailed friends and colleagues as this will have its parts you'll find amusing. When you start reading it, you can't put it down, you just have to know what is going to happen. It is a modern day Bridget Jones in emails. There are a couple of characters in the book I feel I could have done without reading their emails, this is because the characters weren't as good as Holly and a lot of what they were emailing was a little boring, hence the 4 stars.

This is a humorous, romantic and dramatic all rolled into one. I would recommend all women to read a book like this, you can even log onto Holly's website for updates!

The rumours are that they are making it into a film, if this is true I can't wait to see it, I think it would be excellent on screen. 

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