Sunday, 30 June 2013

Magic Words - Edward Field

Magic WordsMagic Words by Edward Field
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In 1967 acclaimed poet Edward Field published a remarkable collection of thirty-four poems based on Inuit songs and stories recorded in the journals of the illustrious Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen. Since then, Edward Field's poems have reached and intrigued a wide range of readers. Individual poems have been included in numerous anthologies such as Harcourt's own A Book of Luminous Things as well as in transit system "poetry in motion" poster series.Now in this collection of nine creation poems, culled from the original book (now out of print), Edward Field brings the Inuit's wit and timeless wisdom about the world around us into focus with inimitable grace. Newly illustrated with dazzling paintings, made on wood, bark, and stone, by Stefano Vitale, this book reminds us of the beauty and magic waiting to be found in our natural world.

I was sent this from the publishers, I thought that by looking at the illustrations this child's picture book would be great. Unfortunately this didn't seem the case.

The illustrations in this story are what make it. The story to me was confusing and didn't make such sense, read more as a poem than a story.

This has been translated by Edward Field from Inuit Eskimos.

This story wasn't for me.

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