Monday, 19 February 2018

Clean Break by Tammy Cohen

Clean Break (Quick Reads 2018)Clean Break by Tammy Cohen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marriage is complicated, especially for Kate. Her husband Jack has a temper on him, and has been an absent father for years. Kate knows it's time for a divorce. The trouble is, Jack refuses. And now that he has found out Kate has met another man, his jealous rages escalate. Can Kate rid herself of her jealous husband before it's too late?

I love the quick reads and I love them even more when authors I know have contributed to the collection. Tammy Cohen features on my bookcase, I have yet to read one of her full length novels, however I couldn't wait to get my hands on this as I thought it may spur me to to pick up one of her longer books.

Kate has been married some time and has teenage children with her husband, but she has had enough of him and his controlling ways. She decided enough was enough and she wants out of the relationship, she has even started seeing someone new. Jack her husband cannot understand it, and won't let her go, he has moved out to help her get her head straight but insists on them seeing a marriage councilor to try and work through their differences.

This although little packs a punch and I didn't see the ending coming, I am not really sure if I agree with the ending, I think Kate could have been smarter, but I enjoyed the book and would want to read more from Cohen.

I would recommend you pick this up of you want a quick dark read.

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