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Editing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper Person by Chloe Seager

Editing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper PersonEditing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper Person by Chloe Seager
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Emma Nash is ghosted by love of her life Leon Naylor, she does what any girl would do - spends the summer avoiding all human contact, surrounded by the Chewit wrappers he left behind.

Seeing Leon suddenly ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, however, spurs Emma into action. She vows to use the internet for good (instead of stalking Leon’s social media),chronicling her adventures on her new Editing Emma blog.

But life online doesn’t always run smoothly.

From finding her mum’s Tinder profile, to getting catfished and accidentally telling the entire world why Leon Naylor is worth no girl’s virginity… Surely nothing else could go wrong?!

This was a very quick read, I read it in a couple of days. This is aimed at young adults and although I am not in that category anymore I do still enjoy reading these type of books.

Editing Emma is a story that follows Emma, a 16 year old who is struggling to deal with her teenage years and the ins and outs of boyfriends, through social media into the mix and there is a lot of drama. I did feel that the book lost pace in the middle.

The book is entirely told through blog format, which I did enjoy reading, however I found that it was hard to connect with some characters and understand the feelings. I felt that not a lot happened in the book, it was focused on Emma's break up with Leon and then her going out with Greg. As I mentioned Emma is 16, a lot of what I read I would have thought it was a 14 year old narrating, she came across immature at times, which was a bit of a disappointment.

This was an O.K read for the summer holidays. If you like YA linked with social media you will probably like this, for me it wasn't my favourite, however it wasn't terrible either.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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