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#BigLittleLiesParty 31st July 2017

On Monday 31st of July I was lucky enough to be invited to the #BigLittleLiesParty by @HBO_UK. 

When I received the invitation I was really excited as this was going to be an event I could actually attend! Working as a teacher in a school it is very difficult for me to actually do anything during the week, unless the events are held at the weekend or during the school holidays I have to turn them down. 

Curious House garden, ready for yoga. 
Getting up relatively early for a Monday morning during the holiday, I made my way to the train station and headed up to London for the #BigLittleLiesParty launch, After wandering around a little lost once I got off the train I met Eliza from @relentromance we went into the event together and pretty much became firm friends 😊

Eliza and me just before Yoga
On arrival at Curious House, we were greeted by Juliana, who had organised the event and headed off to get changed ready for a morning filled of yoga with @kmyogakundalini. Looking out to the garden we were amazed at how beautiful the house and garden was. We were so lucky as the previous days were awful with torrential rain, this was the first nicest day we had, had in a while. 

I was a little apprehensive about the yoga, I had only done it once before and I wasn't very good at it, however Kathryn made it easy, there was lots of time to really think while stretching and it really helped to relax me. We had about an hour and a half of yoga, and while this sounds like a long time it flew by. I must admit though for a few days afterwards I really ached in places, I could feel where I had been stretching. 
Photo taken by Juliana
After yoga we had a quick bread, I headed off to get changed and grabbed a bottle of water before heading into the private screening of the first episode of Big Little Lies. I had already seen this episode, I watched it on sky when it very first came out, I never actually got round to watching the rest of them. (They were all stored up on my sky box to watch!) 

The screening of Big Little Lies was amazing, I really enjoyed watching the episode and to be honest I couldn't remember what happened in the episode anyway so it was like watching it for the first time. As soon as it finished I couldn't wait to get home and continue the series to binge watch it! 

When the episode finished we also watched behind the scenes footage about the characters, that was also interesting to watch. 

When we returned back to the kitchen there was an amazing spread of food ready for us, Kathryn gave us a quick healthy eating tips and reasons for eating certain foods, which was really interesting and made me look at certain foods differently now. The food was by Ottolenghi and we also had some organic wine courtesy of The Organic Wine Club.

I learnt alot about Organic wine and after tasting it would recommend it, after the event I actually popped out and grabbed a bottle of organic wine from the supermarket. Obviously this was not as good as the wine I tried at the event, however I would go to say I would only drink organic wine now. That morning after heady feel? Not present when drinking organic! 

After lunch we had some time to sit in the garden and enjoy each others company before we had a treatment of our choice.  I decided to choose a manicure, I am going on holiday next week and wanted to get my nails done for then. I could have chosen from a pedicure, manicure or massage. 

Milkbeautymaid were the people who arrived to give us our treatments. After chatting to my beautician and hearing about the company she works for I think it is amazing and if I lived in London I would certainly use them. They would be great for hen parties/baby showers or even for a girly night out! They arrive at your house/venue with all the equipment they need and provide treatments for you there. 

I decided to go for a pink colour, which is nice and summery and should go with everything!

Curious House Basement Bar
After that the event was drawing to a close and I wanted to get back before rush hour on the train, I thanked Summer (owner of Curious House) and Juliana for inviting me and headed back to the station with Eliza. As we were leaving Juliana gave us a goody bag each to take away with us. 

I had an absolute amazing day, it was all really well organised, in a stunning location and full of great company. 

After reflecting on the day I realise how it all linked and the fact it was so well thought out. In Big Little Lies the women go to yoga classes, they do seem to drink wine (a lot) and they eat healthily. I really enjoyed my time and feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to attend. 

Once again I would like to thank Juliana and everyone else involved to provide an amazing launch party for Big Little Lies. If you haven't read the book or seen the series, what are you waiting for? 

Goody Bag

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