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Tell me a lie by CJ Carver with guest post

How do you protect your family when you can't remember who's hunting them? A gripping international thriller, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Mason Cross
A family in England is massacred, the father left holding the shotgun.

PC Lucy Davies is convinced he's innocent

A sleeper agent in Moscow requests an urgent meeting with Dan Forrester, referencing their shared past.

His amnesia means he has no idea who he can trust.

An aging oligarch in Siberia gathers his henchmen to discuss an English accountant.

It's Dan's wife

From acclaimed and award-winning author CJ Carver, this is the next gripping international thriller in her brilliant Dan Forrester series.

For my blog stop, CJ Carver has very kindly stopped by with a great guest post, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

All Stories are True, guest post by CJ Carver.

All Stories are True. A good story doesn’t tell you what to think but reveal to the reader the real issues to reflect upon.

The creative conversion of life itself to a powerful reading experience is pure story telling.

My first novel Blood Junction won the Crime Writer’s Association Debut Dagger, and it’s only now I can see why. I lived in Australia for ten years, but I was still a “Pom”, an outsider, and my main character is also an outsider and suffers the same indignities I used to. I use real-life experiences in the book to reveal to the reader what life is like as an “interloper”.

The same goes for the sub-plot involving the Stolen Generation, where over 100,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their families in the 1950s to try and “breed them white”. By using an Aboriginal policeman and making him one of these children, I can show the reader the brutality of that particular history but without banging a drum or being seen as bleeding heart. It reads as a simple story, but shows a human truth.

I didn’t set out to write about the appalling treatment of asylum seekers in Australia either, but when I sent my protagonist to a remote outback refugee camp, she witnesses parents sewing their and their children’s lips together in protest at their treatment by the authorities. Another rich sub-plot, more real issues to reflect upon.

Each time I look at setting one of my books overseas, I start looking for profound aspects in the country I’m studying to reveal to my reader.

For example, in Tell Me A Lie, the main plot is driven by Russia’s social system. The people’s need for a great leader even if he imprisons, exiles or executes people without due process, but what fascinated me even more was the psychology of the Russian people. Their passionate loyalty to their country. It was this immense and all inspiring devotion that helped drive the book to its finale, the real issue I bring the reader to reflect upon being would you die for your country?

People pick up a thriller to be entertained as well as have an experience they’ve never had. They want to be introduced to something new, see the world in a different way, and I do my very best to try and give it to them.

©CJ Carver 2017

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