Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 Reading Challenge

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I have been joining in with the Goodreads Reading Challenge for the last 3 years and have really enjoyed them. They encourage me to read more but also keep a detailed record of all the books I have read, which is brilliant.

Most years by goal has been 60, the main reason for this is that I work full time and it is hard to fit in reading after work and spend most of my weekends reading. I do tend to read more than this, which makes me feel excellent. I am a person who works better with a smaller target and perhaps exceed it than not being able to meet the target. Every year, except 2013 I have managed over 100 books which I think is a brilliant achievement. Due to this I have decided to up my target but only to 80, this way I can up it if I need to. 

I am also looking for other reading challenges to follow this year, so far I have found the  POPSUGAR challenge, which I have linked below. 

I have also found the reading challenge below that has come form pinterest 

Yapalim mi? @mervesaltik:

Let me know if you are doing a reading challenge this year and what it is as I am struggling to choose from these two. 

Good luck to all of you with your reading this year and Happy New Year. 

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