Friday, 17 June 2016

Wildflower Bay: Part One by Rachael Lucas

Wildflower Bay: Part OneWildflower Bay: Part One by Rachael Lucas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Serialized as three short ebooks, this is the stunning first part of Wildflower Bay, by Rachael Lucas.

Isla's got the designer clothes and dream job as head stylist at the most exclusive salon in Edinburgh. The fact that she's been so single-minded in this quest that she's forgotten to have a life has completely passed her by - until disaster strikes.

With her flaky flat mate AWOL and even her reliable old dad a bit distracted, Isla is out of options.

Forced into a corner, she heads to the remote island of Auchenmor to help out her aunt who is in desperate need of an extra pair of hands at her salon.

Finn is thirty-five and reality has just hit him hard. Now his best friends are about to have a baby and everything is changing. When into his life walks Isla . . .

When I saw this was a freebie and a short story I couldn't wait to read it.

Many of you who follow my reviews will know that I enjoy serialisations as it means I can get into a story and really feel like a sense of achievement after reading it after a long day at work.

So far I am loving this series, we follow Isla, a top hair stylist, however she has had a bit of a sad past. Her mother pasted away when she was young. I really got into this story and I found it to be sad in places. I really felt for Isla and was rooting for her from early on. When she is called upon to look after her aunts salon in a remote part of Scotland, it doesn't thrill Isla as she remembers dull summers there as a child. However her options are limited and her dad keeps suggesting she goes, so she decides it can't be that bad and heads off there.

The only disappointing part to the story is the point where we leave it. Isla has only really arrived at the salon and starting to sort things out. I honestly have no idea where this novel is going to go, however it is written so well and flows easily that I cannot wait for the next installment. I think this is a very easy and quick book to read.

I am so pleased I decided to download and give this book a go, it has been the first of Racheal's books I have read, but it certainly won't be the last. I have one of her other books sitting waiting to be read and I am very impressed with this little delight so I will probably get to the novel soon.

I cannot wait for the next part of the story, if you haven't read this or downloaded this yeat, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy!

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