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The Oedipus Plays Oedipus The King – Oedipus At Colonus - Antigone An Audible Original Drama


The Oedipus Plays
Oedipus The King – Oedipus At Colonus - Antigone

An Audible Original Drama

Directed by Garrick Hagon, translated by Ian Johnston

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Charged with emotion, a vivid ancient classic full of passion, incest, murder and suicide tells the story of a noble family creeping towards its downfall

A brand new audio drama, The Oedipus Plays – starring Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Jamie Glover (Waterloo Road), Michael Maloney (Casualty), Samantha Bond (Bond movies) and Julian Glover (The Empire Strikes Back) – is available to download for free for one month from 14th June at
A compilation of Oedipus The KingOedipus At Colonus and AntigoneThe Oedipus Plays have remained relevant since their original conception by Sophocles some 2,500 years ago and will transport listeners into a world of death, lust and violence. 
Oedipus The King, the most well-known story from the compilation, follows the King of Thebes as he unknowingly kills his father, marries his mother and begets children with her in an incestuous union. The consequences are far-reaching, affecting Oedipus’ children and carrying over into Oedipus At Colonus, which tells the story of the rest of his life. Antigone follows the life of Oedipus’ daughter (voiced by Hayley Atwell) and shows the influence of her father’s actions on the next generation.
Tracey Markham, Country Manager at said of the recording: “We are thrilled to be able to bring these epic, sweeping plays s to new listeners, voiced by some of the UK’s top acting talent. The Oedipus plays have stood the test of time and the elements of passion, violence and lust they contain are as relevant today as they were when they were first written.”
Hayley Atwell says of voicing Antigone, “She is quite an extraordinary character, someone who very much stands alone from her surroundings, someone who has been born out of great trouble and manages to find dignity in it… What makes her extraordinary is that she is able to feel compassion and appeal to others to be compassionate towards Oedipus and therefore herself… I think that takes a lot of strength and self-awareness to be able to see herself through other people’s eyes.”

Jamie Glover (voicing Oedipus) says of The Theban Plays“It’s quite remorseless...Intense – yes, but there is something so very front-footed about the way that these plays deserve to be, and need to be, presented...But remorseless would be the word that I would use. It just goes from one very strong set piece to another.”

Samantha Bond says of voicing Jocasta, “When Jocasta realizes who Oedipus is in her life, it was fascinating standing beside the two male actors as they talk and try to visualize how one would play it on a stage. Because she has no words. She just stands and listens and this extraordinary series of events becomes vividly clear for her…Once she’s worked out who he is and what they’ve done, she’s desperate to try and stop him finding out. And that’s fascinating. What we won’t ever know: if he had stopped trying to find out, whether they would’ve gone on being a married couple together.”

The Oedipus Plays was directed and produced by Garrick Hagon and translated by Ian Johnston with especially commissioned music from composer Roger Marsh. It is available to download from 14th June (pre-order now) at

Cast List
Oedipus – Jamie Glover
Antigone – Hayley Atwell
Jocasta – Samantha Bond
Creon – Michael Maloney
Teiresias – Julian Glover

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