Monday, 14 March 2016

Noisy London by Marion Billet

Noisy LondonNoisy London by Marion Billet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's time to visit London - what a noisy city! Watch out for the beeping double deckle buses. Mind the gap on the tube and hear Big Ben chime the hour. Find out who's roaring at the Natural History Museum and listen to the monkeys chitter chatter as ZSL London Zoo. Finish off the day with a royal visit to Buckingham Palace: remember to look out for the naughty crown jewel thief on every page!

Noisy London has six sounds to listen to, including a genuine Big Ben chime and 'mind the gap' recording. Young children will love pressing the noises as they discover the sights in this hustling, bustling book about London.

With tons of detail and things to spot, this beautifully illustrated sound book by Marion Billet is a must-have for children visiting noisy London Town!

When I was sent this to review I was so excited to share it with my class. It arrived over half term so before I took it to school I shared it with my best friends son, who is 2. He absolutely loved this book.

This story takes you on a tour of London, to the zoo, Covent Garden, on the tube and to Buckingham Palace. The text is short and it would encourage those just starting out reading to pick this up independently. The book is inviting to young readers and I also enjoyed reading it.

The pages are made from board which is perfect for little people as they are sturdy and easy for a toddler to use. He also loved the noisy buttons and sat attentively while I read the book to him and wanted to press the buttons when I showed him the picture.

When I took it to school the children are 6 and 7, so a lot older than the toddler who enjoyed the story. The children commented on the illustration of the book and they really liked that it was bright and colourful. They also liked the fact that the story had rhyme in. Although they enjoyed the book, they did comment on the fact they thought it would be better and more enjoyed by children under five, due to the nature of the book and the sounds.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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