Monday, 7 March 2016

Draw Your Way to a Younger Brain: Cats: An Art Therapy Book by Anastasia Catris

Draw Your Way to a Younger Brain: Cats: An Art Therapy Book by Anastasia Catris
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Misplacing your wallet, forgetting where you parked your car, or getting your friend's birthday wrong: these are just some of the many common memory slips we all experience from time to time. And such cognitive lapses don't just plague the elderly: the most common worry of people over 40 is memory loss.

A recent study by Newcastle University, featured on BBC news, showed that art therapy has greater benefits than puzzles and exercises when it comes to improving memory function. Engaging the brain in new and creative ways may be the key to a sharper 'younger' mind.

Helping to enhance your brain's cognitive function through art therapy techniques, this book contains 30 intricate line drawings of cats and big cats, with space on the opposite page for you to copy the illustration and some helpful hints to start you off. There is also the opportunity to colour in and to create some of your own illustrations as you progress. Gradually becoming more challenging, every page will help to stimulate parts of the brain that are vital for memory retention. With this book you will draw your way to a younger brain.

After receiving Anastasia's previous colouring books, when I heard she had a new series out I knew I wanted to get these for my collection.

I really enjoy colouring books, I have a stressful job and there is nothing better than sitting down with some pencils and this after a long day. I really enjoyed Anastasia's previous books as there was the right mix between detailed (when I have patience) to less detailed drawings. This is like the previous in that respect.

My favourite animal is a cat so knew I would love this book and I did. The paper in the book is good quality, I only use colouring pencils so I don't know whether you could use sharpies or felt pens on these without it bleeding through. I prefer colouring pencils as it allows me to create tone and variation in colour. This I know does come down to personal preference.

The book is the same size as the others in her collection, they are perfect for slipping in your handbag to accompany you on your commute. They also look wonderful together on my shelves. 

Here is an example of one of the pages from the book. 

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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