Friday, 5 February 2016

Benefit They're Real! Push - Up Liner

Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner. 

What Birchbox Say:

Striving for that classic swoop of eyeliner, we’ve struggled through more than our share of smudgy pencils, finicky liquids, and unwieldy gels. Enter this eye-opening gel pen from Benefit, which gives us the control we crave. The pen’s innovative AccuFlex™ tip is both angled and flexible, gliding liner along the lid in a single, tug-free swipe. 

A wide guard below the tip gently shifts lashes out of the way, making it easy to get right against the lash line for an extra wide-eyed look. With colours this saturated and an applicator so foolproof, now we can easily trace the perfect line every time. And no need to worry about touchups: It quickly dries to a matte finish, and is smudge-proof, waterproof, and utterly unbudgeable. Take your pick of saturated colours, from classic black to chocolatey brown and rich jewel tones.

What I think:

I use eye-liner every day, so if there is a good product I find, regardless of the price I would get it. This sounded amazing, a gel eye-liner, which would last all day and being smudge and water proof would suit me down to the ground. 

This is the second time I have got this product in a Birchbox and although I love Benefit products, this one is not for me. I find it very hard to get the product out of the packaging and it seems that I have squeezed and squeezed it but nothing happens. This could be due to the size of the sample and that perhaps it is too small. 

When I have managed to get the product out it doesn't seem to glide across the eyelid, but seems to clot into a ball. Unfortunately this one is not for me. Priced at £18.50, I would want a much better product. I will not be buying this and to be honest I wouldn't mind if I never got it in a box again. 

I also would not recommend this product. 

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