Monday, 9 February 2015

Little Beauty - Alison Jameson

1975: Laura Quinn has spent her life on the remote and beautiful Inis Miol Mor - Whale Island- off the west coast of Ireland. After the death of her parents, and faced with the continuing reluctance of her lover, Martin, to marry her, she realizes she needs to leave the island for her life really to begin.

She accepts a job as a housekeeper with a wealthy couple on the mainland. But a year later, Laura is back, and this time she is not alone. She has at last found the love of her life: a baby son named Matthew. But what sort of life can an unmarried mother have on a remote Irish island in the 1970s? In this complex situation is revealed a picture of a tightly knit community where Laura inevitably comes under pressure to conform to the rules of society.

At times humorous and ultimately heart-breaking, Alison Jameson's Little Beauty is a brilliant portrayal of love, motherhood and sacrifice that will mesmerize readers and linger long in the mind.

This is a very strong story of Laura who is made to feel like an outcast since returning home with her son Matthew.

Even though Laura came across as odd I liked her, to me she seemed to be the only person that was normal and you could tell even though she didn't always make the right decision, she was just trying to do right for Matthew her son.

The writing was brilliant I could picture everything and the book was well researched, especially the portrayal of Ireland in 1975 

This is not my usual type of read but I found it was very a heart touching story and the last part of the story i had a tears in my eyes.

I would like to thank Lynsey Farmer for reviewing this title for me. You can find her on Twitter here

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