Monday, 2 February 2015

Just Desserts - Emma Bennett

JUST DESSERTS: a romance novella you won't want to put downJUST DESSERTS: a romance novella you won't want to put down by Emma Bennet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leah is about to give up her job at a top restaurant to marry her fiancĂ© Dan. Then Jean-Claude, a charming French chef, comes to work at the restaurant, and suddenly Leah’s world is turned upside down.

Does Jean-Claude offer a more exciting future than dependable Dan? And does Jean-Claude even really like her?
Find out in this gripping romance novella.

I have previously read Emma's other novel Green Hills of Home and loved it. I found the pace and suspense to be great and I also go that with this short story.

This is about Leah a young chef who is about to marry the love of her life and her childhood sweet heart. Her fiance has ideas about how their life together is going to be and suggests moving out of London and into the country. Leah goes along with this but it seems she is the only one who is going to be missing out. On announcing her resignation at the restaurant she works in, it doesn't take long for the manager to advertise her position and he expects her to train her successor.

What will Leah do when a gorgeous, talented chef turns up to replace her?

The story is a little predictable but being so short this was something I expected. I really enjoyed the story and cared about the characters. Emma is a brilliant author who seems to be able to really capture the reader if her book is 55 pages long or 300 pages long.

I would have liked this to have been a little longer as I feel there was potential for this to be a full length novel. It was executed well though and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance and has a busy life. Hey, everyone can fit in 55 pages!

I would like to thank Emma for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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