Sunday, 7 September 2014

weekly wrap up week 16 7/9/14

Welcome to another wrap up! Unfortunately I have not had a great reading week; I have started back at school and so have had loads of things to sort out and trying to work out lots of things as its a brand nee school. Because  this k decided I had a lot of books to review  made  a decision  not to request any new ones. This week though I have received so many unsolicited books and  they all sound brilliant so I am hoping  I will get round to them.  

I am just going to break down the books I have managed to read and if I have received any/ bought any. 

This week I have been sent: 

One more chance by Abbi Glines
The Shadoaers Curse
The Night falling by Katherine Webb
Avenged by Jaqui Rose (won)
Each and every one by Rachael English
How to make a friend by Fleur Smithwick
Sunrise by Victoria Hislop

This week I have bought: 
I went to a boot sale last week and managed to pick up some bargains; I picked up:
CARRY You by Beth Thomas
Out of the blue by Belinda Jones
The carrier by Sophie Hannah
Love is a thief by Claire Garber  

Books I have read this week:

All these books I have read I have reviewed, look out for the reviews on The Book Corner soon.

What have you received/bought this week?

How much reading have you managed to get done? Leave me a comment below to connect. 

I hope you all had a great reading week and thanks for stopping by today.


  1. ooh you have a Katharine Webb. i love her books, have you read The Unseen? its so good.
    Gill xx

    1. Hi Gill, no never read anything by her; I love being sent new authors to discover :) x

  2. I really like Victoria Hislop's writing! I hope you can squeeze in more time for reading, but I know how busy it can be!

    1. Hi Chissi, thanks so much for your comment. I have 'The Island' as an audio book but have never read any books by her. Saying this I bought a short story collection by her this week too; which was just really a coincidence!

      I am hoping that once I get into a better routine I will be able to schedule reading time. Trying to juggle, new school, new class, attending gym sessions twice a week and reading is becoming challenging at the mo!

  3. I look forward to reading Each and Every One so much! And Sunrise sounds really great. Have fun reading your new books! And good luck with the teaching :).

    1. Hi Sus, this was a complete surprise for me (haven't even read the blurb yet!) so will be looking forward to reading it. Sunrise I have been so lucky to get (only 25 copies) so I feel really special ha ha! Thanks so much, class seem great at the mo x