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Top 10 books that have influenced my life Tag

Top 10 books that have influenced my life: 

I was nominated for this tag by my sister in - law; the rules of this tag are simple, just 10 books that have influenced your life and then nominate 2 others to do the same. 

Right; my choice in books can be sporadic, sometimes I love curling up with a chick lit, (I must admit these are my favourite reads, something light hearted to escape from busy life.) Thrillers/ crime and lately I have discovered Young Adult. I feel I am a bit late to the party, with YA. I feel that it has only been recently that this genre really took off; when I was young enough for YA to be the genre for me, little of it was available and so I quickly developed a feel for chick lit and women's fiction. I have enjoyed discovering YA and feel that they can be deeper than other genres I have read and cover many emotional issues. 

So here they are: 

1. Katy Laura and The Dream Boat by Elisabeth Foster. 

This is a favourite book from my childhood. It is very short at 31 pages and includes coloured pictures. This was one book that I remember really enjoying as a child to read alone. It is a magical book and one not many people have heard of. I enjoy this as it felt that I was keeping a secret a long with the dream boat. (You would need to read it to understand that completely.) Although it is a book I regularly read by myself it is in relatively good condition; once it does fall apart it will be one I replace. 

2. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

This was the first Sophie Kinsella book I ever read and it will remain to be a favourite of mine. Love the humour in the book and the unlikeness of the plot. This is pure escapism from busy working life. 

3. The Cities Book by Lonely Planet

This non- fiction book helps full my love of travel; I love viewing cities that are not as popular as destinations and try to work out how I will be able to get to them. 

4. P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

This book was one of the first books I read that really sparked emotion. I am not one of these people who cry from reading books but this one really got to me. 

5. Me and Mr Darcy by Alexander Potter

Ok, I am going to say it and that is, I have never read any books by Jane Austen, I don't really know why this i, but they never really appealed to me. When I read this book I fell in love with it. I loved the magical element that was present in the book. This has actually encouraged me to read Pride and Prejudice one day. 

6.  The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl 

I loved all Roald Dahl's books growing up but this was my favourite. I enjoyed it because it wasn't too long so I was able to read this a lone. I also loved the idea of it. Truly magical. 

7. Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

I loved Jacqueline Wilson's books. This was the first book that I discovered by her and from then I was addicted. I would say I think it was Wilson and her books that really began to develop my love of reading. As a kid, I didn't find reading easy. I hated reading allowed and I still do today. Her books really opened me to a different world and since then I have read hundreds of books. I have a lot to thank Jacqueline Wilson for. 

8. A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines

This book I studied for my GCSE English about 12 years ago and it is one book that I really got into and developed a love for English. This isn't the easiest book for some people but I made a connection with is and it was from there that I decided to choose English to further my education. 

I am struggling to choose just 2 other books as ones that have influenced my life as I am so lucky to read so many great books, so although this tag is meant to be 10 books I have only included 8. 

My nominations for this tag now are:

Candy = @hollow_star42
Sophie = @sophieRTB

can't wait to see you books lovelies :D

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