Monday, 2 December 2013

In a New York Minute - Eleanor Moran Guest Review

I would like to welcome Emma Louise to my blog for a guest review:


Amy is on a film set in New York, trying very hard to wrap the advertisement she's filming in time to catch the last flight home for Christmas. But the actors are squabbling, the star of the piece, a cat, won't play ball and, truthfully, Amy's heart isn't in it anyway – she'd escaped to the Big Apple to try to forget her broken heart. But as snow begins to fall on Christmas Eve, someone on set with Amy makes her realise fairytales really do happen in New York.


I've heard quite a lot about this Christmas short story so when I noticed that it was free to download on Kindle, I instantly grabbed myself a couple.

I have a tendency not to look at blurbs any more because I find that some of them give away the narrative before you've even purchased the book. After finishing reading In A New York Minute, I wished I had read the blurb because I found the story to be a little bit disjointed and I had no idea whether they were shooting an advert or a set of photographs. 

I found that the main character Amy didn't ooze with personality and she didn't really get a chance because the narrative felt rushed. One minute she was in the studio, the next in a shop, then back to the studio, then in a flashback and then in an airport. I felt like I'd been thrown left, right and centre. 

I did enjoy the flashbacks to her previous relationship - that would make a fantastic novel. 

You can find the author on Twitter: @eleanorkmoran 

I'm also on there: @EmmaLouAuthor

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