Saturday, 2 November 2013

Thank You!

So it is November already and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in my Oct Blog take over. 

I loved to be able to read about others blogs, what inspires them to write, reviews and just about them. I hope you also enjoyed them 'taking over' the blog. 

Well short and sweet just wanted to say thanks :D


So what does November have in store? Some fabulous books!!! 

Unfortunately half term is nearly over and although I have been very pleased with myself for reading and reviewing many books, (reviews scheduled :D) I am back to school on Monday which means less time for reading :(

I do however plan to read a lot more this half term than last. Finally I have managed to clear a huge back list of books I had to read, I do still have a few but my TBR pile has shrunk. I have a few that I will be sharing with my class this half term and will have some children's books to add, I also have many Christmas books to get stuck into and cannot wait for this!

I wanted to try and review before these books are due out, unfortunately I am unsure I will get through them all by publication date - stick with me though, I will try. 

So what books are you most looking forward to this November? 

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