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Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott

Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

'Millie’s always dreamt of being American, thanks to an obsession with US Television shows. As the only English girl on campus, she realises that she could live her very own American dream: joining a sorority and bagging an all American boyfriend. Only when Millie finds a friend in Kristen, she alienates Casey and Jen, the sorority girls who’d taken her under their wing. Millie discovers that Casey is not a woman to be crossed, and she soon finds herself living an American nightmare with her scholarship under threat, and the all American boyfriend ending things before they really start.

The prequel to Millie and the American Wedding, find out where it all began, and join Millie, Kristen and Rob at an American University.'

This story is about a girl (Millie) who goes to an American University as an exchange student. She joins half way through so is not a freshman and finds it hard to make friends, as everyone already has their groups and sororities.  Two girls are told to look after her, Casey and Jen. To begin with Millie thinks these girls are genuine and want to be her friend, however as time goes on she realises this is not necessary the case. 

Millie finds it flattering at first when guys say ‘can you say that again? I love that accent.’ But after a while this gets wearing and girls seem to dislike Millie as they see her as a threat. Casey and Jen also just use her as a puppet, to get into parties and meet people. 

Millie went along with this, (let’s face it she didn’t know anyone else!) but when she invited a guy along to one of these parties that also didn’t know anyone; Casey and Jen had a problem with this as it was a ‘closed party’. Millie was forced to let him down and say he couldn’t come. Luckily Millie attends many parties and next time meets a new friend Kirsten, Casey and Jen have history with her and Millie is basically forced to choose between them. 

During Millie’s time out in America she writes email back to her friends who didn’t attend the exchange. I enjoyed reading Millie’s emails and I think it would have been good if we had more input from Millie’s friends from the U.K, it would have been good to hear what they thought of it all. 

Millie struggles with juggling her new mountain of work (that she never had in the U.K) and a life full of partying every night. She also discovers as being the only English girl, she stands out and must be careful not to get a reputation. 

I did enjoy this story, however I felt it was a bit repetitive, Millie seems to just go to parties every night. It maybe a different type of party such as a beer pong, hotel or a crawl, but it is a party. As the book progresses Millie does begin to get braver and experience other parts of American Culture, she visits an American Football game.  

The other thing I found hard to believe is that Millie meets the same guy Rob about three times before she remembers who he actually is. Even if she couldn’t remember his name, surely she would recognise him and ask him something?? These are the only negatives I have about this book; Millie’s American Wedding is the sequel to this and I will be reading that at some point, if you have already read Millie’s American Wedding, this is perfect to find out how it all began. 

This is a fast paced book and it will have you laughing out loud, cringing and wanting more when it is over. This book will be over far too quick but its brilliant on a rainy day (like today) to cheer you up. :D

I would like to thank Annabel Scott for sending me this to review. 

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