Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Holiday time!

Just a quick note:

I have waited all summer for my holiday woohoooo finally it has arrived. This does mean that I will be a bit quite for the next two weeks (not sure where I will have access to wifi. )

I do have a couple of posts that are scheduled and *fingers crossed* they will work (it's the first time I have tried it!) 

I have packed many books to be getting on with while I am away - as well as my kindle, which is currently on charge. 

Books that I will be reading (hopefully) while I am away are:

L;Amour Actually - Melanie Jones - I am currently reading this at the moment and have a very special surprise for you all when I get back, about this book. 

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone

Once Upon a Dream Briar Rose - Jana Oliver

The Hidden Cottage - Erica James 

On my Kindle I have: 

Do you Remember? - Mandy Baggot

A Jersey Kiss - Georgina Troy

And of course I have a million others on my kindle but these two are the ones I will hopefully finish. (I am thinking plane journey's?)

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