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The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan

The Perfect GirlThe Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To everyone who knows her now, Zoe Maisey - child genius, musical sensation - is perfect. Yet several years ago Zoe caused the death of three teenagers. She served her time, and now she's free.

Her story begins with her giving the performance of her life.

By midnight, her mother is dead.

The Perfect Girl is an intricate exploration into the mind of a teenager burdened by brilliance, and a past that she cannot leave behind.

A 14 year old Zoe who is bullied at school makes a mistake that has tragic consequences when 3 of her classmates die in the car she is driving illegally. She is sent to prison and her parents split up and her father moves out of the area - Zoe and her mum have to start all over on their own. In time her mother Maria remarries a guy called Chris and they have a daughter Grace together. Chris has a son Lucas by his first marriage and both Zoe and Lucas are piano prodigies.

Now the perfect family Lucas and Zoe are stars of a piano recital and unfortunately the parent of one of the teenagers that was killed shows up and causes a scene. Maria however hadn't told Chris anything about Zoe's 'crime' and her period in prison, he's furious she kept this from him.

I didn't really connect with the characters in this novel, they were not really likeable or (from my point of view) worth investing any time in. The pace was good and the author maintained suspense building throughout but this really was the only thing that kept me interested. I felt it could have been a lot shorter and it needed a bit of lifting as it was quite predictable and although it had a few twists and turns it just didn't have the wow factor at the end. I have given this a 3 star rating as although it wasn't really the great read I was expecting it was still enjoyable.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

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