Wednesday, 14 September 2016

UnitedPlug 2 Hour Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung, IPhone, Sleek Design (Black)

UnitedPlug 2 Hour Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung, IPhone, Sleek Design (Black)

★1:FAST, full charged in 2 hours;
★2:COMPATIBLE, suit for all QI standard smart phones;
★3:CONVENIENT, soft light indicator, neat and easy using;
★4:SAFETY, Built in over-charging and over temperature circuit protection;
★5:HUMANIZED, sleek and stylish design ,anti-slip bottom base. (Taken from Amazon)

This is the first time I have ever had a wireless charger, I have been thinking about getting one for a while but never really got round to it.

When this product arrived I thought it looked very professional, it came in a relatively small box but was packed securely and came with a small booklet of instructions. This is where I have a slight issue, the instructions were in English one side, which was fine but they weren't very helpful. It was clear that these had been translated but the English was very poor and understanding these were tough to begin with. Never having a wireless charger before I was relying on these to tell me what to do.

After I had worked out what I needed to do I set the device up to charge. There are coloured lights that indicate when it is charging and when the device is fully charged, this is useful. I used the USB cable included to charge the device, I plugged it into a 3 point pin, however you could attach it to your computer to charge, I believe this would work just as well.

Once charged the device works well, I cannot compare the speed as I have never used one before but I would recommend a device like this, these days batteries on phones don't last long at all as we use them for everything from calling to using the internet, which drains the battery quick. I am going to be keeping this fully charged in my bag from now on so I never get stuck without any battery.

After reading other reviews for this product many people have mentioned about the design and this is a feature they don't like. Personally I do like it, it is sturdy and looks well built. I like the chrome edges and I don't mind the branding on the front of it. Yes there are probably better designed chargers out there but for this price I feel you can't go wrong.

I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review and I hold no bias in my opinion.

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