Friday, 15 July 2016

Dr Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue by Jerry Mushin

Dr Hedgehog and the Tree RescueDr Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue by Jerry Mushin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Dr Hedgehog picture book series is intended to be read aloud to young children. Both the readers and the listeners will enjoy the stories. There are common characters, but each story can be read independently of the others. In most of the stories, Martin Mouse finds himself in awkward situations but Dr Hedgehog, usually with the help of other animals, is always able to assist. Children will recognise their mothers in Mavis Mouse, who worries about her son and is always greatly relieved when he arrives home safely. In this story, Martin Mouse climbs a tree to pick some leaves for his teacher, and he cannot get down. How does Henry Horse help Dr Hedgehog to get him down?

Once again we meet Dr Hedgehog, like the previous story in the series there are the same characters and some of the sayings are present, which is nice as it makes the books link. Saying this, this book could easily be read alone as the story makes sense without reading the others.

I mentioned the illustrations were not my favourite during my previous review, this again is the same, unfortunately they are not growing on me and I think Dr Hedgehog could come across a little nicer in stories, personally I don't like his character at all. My class who I read this too, were also not too keen on him as he seems to always be cross.

This book started off better than one of the previous I felt and had a bit more too it as in way of a story, however I felt it was let down towards the ending, where Dr Hedgehog got cross and told Martin Mouse just 'go home and find out'. He didn't come across very patient and considering he is a doctor should be!

The length of the book is good and perfect for a 15 minute read with a child, or during snack time if you are at school. This book is O.K, my class probably will pick it up again to read independently at some point.

I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.


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