Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lucy Locket: Online Disaster by Emma Moss

Lucy Locket: Online Disaster (Girls Can Vlog #1)Lucy Locket: Online Disaster by Emma Moss
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It's bad enough having to move house, school and country all at the same time, without making a fool of yourself on the first day of term. But that's just what Lucy's done - and one of her classmates has videoed the whole thing and put it online!

Lucy's so stressed, her stammer's become worse than ever. So when a friend encourages her to create her own videos, she thinks it's a terrible idea - surely she's embarrassed herself enough for one lifetime!

But when Lucy finally gives vlogging a try, she's amazed to find that people actually want to watch . . .

Includes tips for making your own vlogs!

I bought this book on a bit of a whim today, I wanted something light and easy to read. This book is certainly that.

This story is about Lucy, she has moved over from the US as her mother got a job as a vet. (Not really sure why that meant they had to move abroad...surely there are vets in the US??) Lucy has left her life and her best friend (Morgan) behind, she is dreading her first day at school and is worried she won't make any friends.

Morgan is a vlogger and wanted to encourage Lucy to get into it. Lucy doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera, especially without Morgan there and feels she couldn't ever vlog. Morgan has bought Lucy a camera as a leaving present in hope that perhaps she will use it.

Lucy's first day at school is a total disaster, one that encourages her stammer to come out. Lucy suffers from this when she is nervous or stressed, so trying to keep her awful day from her parents, doesn't go down too well as they can spot something has been up right from the beginning.

This is a story of friendship, new beginnings, struggling with new situations and discovering who you are.

I did enjoy this story, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was light-hearted, had an element of romance and a lot of friendship. I would however question the age this book is aimed at. It is suggested for audiences 10 and up, there is no bad language or anything in the book, but personally I wouldn't want a child of 10 reading how to start their own YouTube channel, which tips are given at the end of the book. I would say due to the nature of the story 14 and up would be more appropriate. That is just my personal opinion and others may not agree with me on that.

Overall I did enjoy the book and I read it in one sitting. If you are looking for a fun quick read I would recommend this to you. This kept me entertained for a couple of hours in the afternoon. :)

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