Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blackout - Emily Barr

Blackout (Quick Reads 2014)Blackout by Emily Barr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A tense and chilling Quick Read from the queen of psychological suspense.
You wake up in a strange room, with no idea how you got there.
You are abroad, in a city you have never visited before.
You have no money, no passport, no phone.
And there is no sign of your baby.
What do you do?

This was my first experience of Emily Barr, I must say this is one reason Iove quick reads as it allows you to discover new authors.

This story although short, I felt had substance to it and very cleverly jumped from the present day back to a year ago. This I felt was done expertly as the story was so short.

I did not feel that the story was rushed or unfinished, something else I find was cleverly done by the author.

I don't want go give much away as the story is so short.

I would recommend this quick read yo anyone, it can be read in one sitting and has you questioning your own thought about what is going on. I would read other books by Emily on the strength of this short story.

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